• The following studies will not only identify the "pain points" but the "levers" which could be utilized to change the orbit of business.

    1. A complete "Financial Diagnosis" - The aim of financial diagnosis is to get insights into the company's financial situation. New strategies to help the company survive & grow in this VUCA world will be based on this diagnosis. In a general sense, the objective of financial diagnosis is to give financial information to those inside the company, but also to those outside it, with certain interests in the company. A financial diagnosis can have the following components:
    a) Diagnosis of financial position;
    b) Sales & Profitability analysis;
    c) Balance sheet analysis to understand self-financing capacity;
    d) Analysis of cash flow indicators;
    e) Risk and bankruptcy indicators;
    f) Conclusions regarding the company's general diagnosis.


    2. A complete "Revenue Analysis" - It aims at understanding the "Revenue" of the company .Here the data of SKU's, Sales team, Distribution Channels & Customer Profile is analysed in depth. This results in answers to questions like -
    a. What should we sell ?
    b. What is our CAC, LTV etc ?
    c. Can I reduce my sales & marketing cost or augment it better ?
    d. Who in my team are Stars and who needs to be said Bye-Bye ?
    e. What motivates my sales team ?
    f. What is the "S&W" of my distribution channel ?
    g. Who is my customer and what are his/her "Sales Trigger" ?


    3. Business "Costing and Budgeting" - "Pricing" is one of the important determinant of Sales. Price depends on Cost. In such a Assignment we help the clients to arrive at the right product /service cost, suggest measure of Cost Control & if possible cost reduction by streamlining operations by designing SOP's, Activity Maps etc. We help the client by making a "Master Budget" and other operating budgets which will help them to monitor & control costs .We use both Absorption Costing as well as modern clean sheet approach to arrive at results.


    4. Designing a Performance Management System (PMS) - In case the client has a clearly laid down "Corporate Objective", we help him/her to design a employee PMS system with objective KRA - KPI. This will not only will help the company to decide upon the "Appraisal" of employees so as to motivate them to perform but will also help the company to achieve its corporate objectives.


    5. Fund Syndication - We work with our clients to identify their funding needs based on their business plans and then determine suitable funding strategy. We help our clients to raise funds from various sources like Banks, NBFC's, PE funds & SME Listing in the most cost-effective manner.


    Depending on the mandate, Our services include assistance in preparing financial projections, project report, loan applications, investor memorandum, assisting clients in structuring their business, approaching funding agencies, guiding clients through the due diligence process, and completing post sanction disbursement formalities.