Corporate Finance

  • Many a times there is huge confusion between "Accounting & Finance". Whereas accounting is the feeder of information, finance as a function deals with analysing the accounting information along with other business information. Such an analysis is done to reduce the cost of funds along with tracking the result of strategy on P&L, Balance Sheet & Cash Flow Statement, as it is rightly said that any strategy that does not impact these three financial statements is a useless strategy .

    We help our client's set up a lean "Accounting & Finance" function so that it can support the business in value creation. We help our client Raise funds both equity & debt through various funding agencies like banks, NBFC's, PE investors and SME IPO's

    We help our clients to structure their balance sheet in such a way so as to leverage it for better ratings and reduce cost of funds and thus increase the profitability. We also help our clients to "Value" their business and advise them on to increase the Business Value.

    We also assist our clients in Financial Re-Structuring. Our Services in this field includes:

    Developing a re-structuring plan based on a detailed assessment of operational, legal and financial aspects.
    Facilitation of Negotiation with lenders, creditors
    Monitoring the implementation of the plan