Only Transformation No Certification

"A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could."

- Unknown

  • About the program -

    One-on-one guiding, or mentoring, is one of the oldest forms of teaching. Our parents and grandparents are our earliest mentors; later, we may be mentored by - or act as mentors to--brothers, sisters, and friends.

    The sole objective of this program is to equip the participant with all the skills required to meet the challenges of Personal and Professional Life.

    It is based on the time tested ancient Guru Shishya tradition wherein the Guru guides the Shishya to develop himself from within .The focus of such a program is to develop the whole person and so the techniques are broad and require wisdom in order to be used appropriately.

    There are many examples from Indian history viz Chandragupt becoming the king because of Chanakya, Pandav's won the battle in Mahabharat because of guidance of Shri Krishna, King Shivaji was effective because of able guidance provided by Dadoji Kondev and Maharana Pratap became effective under the able guidance of Acharya Ragvendra. One thing common in all this examples is there was a one to one personal relationship. Traditionally, mentors have been guides and advisors

Program Objective - Developing SIX Personal Qualities mentioned in this Sanskrit Subhashit.
उद्यमः साहसः धैर्य बुद्धि शक्ति पराक्रम
षडेते यत्र वर्तने तत्र देव सहायकतः

Hard work, Courage , Patience, Intellect,
Strength and Prowess are six human qualities,
If they are present in an individual,
Even God extends help.

Modes of Delivery - Online & Omnichannel
We design a separate "Mentoring Plan" depending upon the needs of every participant.
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