Sales & Marketing

  • We help our clients grow faster than the market by understanding the client's markets, products, customers and sales team by the use of "Sales Data Analytics". VSC helps the client to draw the "Customer Decision Journey" path so as to identify the best place to intervene the purchasing decision of their customers. We have in the past helped clients design various incentives structures for the sales team that motivates them to get more sales .We help clients to design and choose the best distribution channels & their compensation structures along with the right schemes for customers to boost sales. We set up right sales process so as to achieve the desired sales results.

    We help the clients to design and track various digital marketing campaigns that deliver the right results by using the tools such a customer profiling. VCS helps the companies choose the best mix of "product , customer & market portfolio" so as to achieve the best possible results given the constraints.

    We help clients to set the most appropriate pricing strategies so as trigger purchase . We also help to create a lean but effective senior sales & marketing team.