Got A killer business idea?

  • We know that your start-up is your brain-child. Nurturing your business idea properly is as critical as the idea itself and that is the reason why you should implement it in coordination with Start-up Business Specialist like VCS .

We've got a smart plan of action to make it work for you!

  • Our team supplements your business idea with its insights , domain expertise and experience. We help you create a smart plan of action & decide the next step for your Startup Idea. After a successful start, every business dreams to scale up while keeping its costs to bare minimum. This is where Team VCS can help.

Why do I require the help of a "Startup Consultant" ?

  • A startup consultant is a 'hired gun' who has both the expertise and experience to advise you what to do and how to execute your plan saving you money, time and aggravation. Team VCS can review your business plan, compare it with your goals, and tweak it or suggest ways improve your chances for success. A startup is a business which has been established recently, works in much higher uncertainty and with limited resources and hence startups hire consultants to help them with the early steps of an enterprise. Business consultants for startups in India, like VCS , prove an immense help to entrepreneurs that have a business idea but don't have the knowledge, resources or the experience to move their concept forward.

Top 5 reasons to hire VCS as your "Startup Consultant"

  • 1. Unbiased Feedback : Most startups work with their ideas and thoughts and ignore the changes happening outside. We can provide a much-needed external outlook to the practices and core model of the startup. The startup will get feedback not only about the concept behind their business but about the details of execution, organization and other critical matters.
  • 2. Management Advice : Most people running startups are relatively young, who have decided to follow their own passion, rather than working for someone else. The people in charge of running these businesses can thus be expected to be lacking the requisite managerial experience or knowledge to steer the venture in the tight direction because of obvious handicaps, like little or no experience. VCS can provide management advice as we are experienced in strategy, management, finance, costing, marketing, and operations, to YOU - a young relatively inexperienced Owner Manager who is just learning to steer his business . The client is given insights and gains clarity through working with our an experienced team who has been through the process multiple times.
  • 3. Creating a Road Map : Strategic planning is one of the key services provided by VCS . We help clients through analysis, statistics, and strategy. Strategizing is the key for any business, but it's especially crucial for startups. We partner with clients to plan critical steps for their startup business. Most startups don't have a concrete roadmap or even objectives to begin things, hence this remains one of the major hurdles for a startup starting out. VCS will put in place a strategic plan and create a execution roadmap for your business.
  • 4. Resources : One of the biggest hurdle to start-ups is to get resources be it in terms of employees , vendors , channel partners and so on .With over 18 years of experience in the field of consulting VCS can help you find all these resources within your constraints.
  • 5. Value for money : Given the challenging circumstances that a start-up has to grapple with ; having a large scale business consultancy is really exorbitant and unnecessary expense that only a few startups can afford. VCS offers affordable services for smaller companies so cost may not always be an issue.

Our Start up Offerings

  • Detailed Business Plan which does not only have number targets but also has HOW are you going to reach your goal
    Selection of Right Business Entity
    Registration of the Business Entity
    Onboarding team of employees, vendors and so on
    Raising of Funds both Debt and Equity
    Regulatory Compliances
    Designing of SOP's, MIS and flow charts
    Mentoring for the entrepreneur and his core team
    Budgeting & Costing